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Kieran Roberts is a Los Angeles-based professional actor and photographer. Kieran’s creative journey as an actor gives him a great sense of what to look for in a portrait and how to get an actor or model to use their eyes to paint whatever picture they have in mind. Kieran specializes in kids’ photography which he feels is a unique form of photography allowing one to see that every child’s eyes has a story to tell.

He’s a natural kid’s lover and a father of two amazing daughters who inspire him daily. Photographing his daughters every day from infancy to the toddler stage started as merely a hobby - a hobby that helped them both get signed to one of the top children’s agencies on the West Coast. Presently, they have made appearances in several on-camera commercial spots as well as print ads.

Kieran enjoys working with kids because they are innocent, free-loving, and open-hearted. He loves to capture their free spirit with his lens and preserve it in timeless pieces. He finds photography to be abundantly rewarding but what’s most amazing is the fulfillment he derives from working with kids and their families.



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Child Photographer in Los Angeles
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